We are sometimes taught to “take the bull by the horns” or create a plan of attack—all of these aggressive approaches to life. However, have you ever thought about just taking your time? Truly assess each part, action, moment and rather than steam rolling over it, you just took your time. At times it just seems easier to just go for the jugular. Why? Because it is safe for us or makes you feel better or even puts a means to an end. DiemYet the truth is this approach may not always be the best approach. Sometimes slow and steady does win the race: gradually taking your time to reach a goal is what’s best. The only thing you should attack with vengeance is the enemy— and the enemy is whatever you allow yourself to be affected by.

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I post memes like this to stir up something in ourselves: creating a conversation piece about our art and work. Why do we create? This is not just about artists, by the way. Yet why does anyone DO any job? The paths we are on right now, how much are you in control of what happens? Are you connected to your spirit?

These are questions I literally ask myself KeepCalm49when I feel as though someone or something is trying to compromise my sense of confidence as an actress. There are people who don’t understand our process or techniques and therefore want us to conform and adjust to their ways. While there is nothing wrong with learning and adjusting, you should NEVER feel like what you do is NOT enough.

It is enough and the more you explore and work on what you love to do will only sharpen your perception and expression. Sometimes you feel lost or confused: you start to question your abilities because you have somehow gotten into a runt and don’t see a clear solution. Like I have mentioned before this doesn’t have to be “art” related but just about life in general. So what do you do? I Continue reading

The Book Is Here!

The Book and the ProcessKeep Calm And Create On Cover PNG

June 1st is finally here!

After a long two-year process, including conceptualizing, over 15 drafts, intense copy editors, 22 amazing reviewers, designers, and publishing, it is finally here! Not only does this book exemplify my spirit as an artist, it speaks on my road of perseverance and strength.

I wrote Keep Calm and Create On: Words of Encouragement from One Artist to the Next because of my experiences being an artist in a field so saturated with looks and stereotypes over talent and skill. This book is about feeding your creative spirit and balancing your artistic duality.

While the book is complete, I am still early on in my journey. So please if you have not taken the time to like and support us!

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