“Looks can be deceiving”.
We’ve all heard that saying before. Or this one: Don’t judge a book by its cover. But what do those sayings REALLY mean? What they are saying is don’t judge someone just on how they look or their appearance. Being an artist, our work is often “judged” and evaluated by a mere glance or look. My canvas as an actor is my body, my appearance. Our works i.e. our “canvas” often doesn’t get any recognition until Continue reading




Whether we like it or not, we will always be affected by the elements of the world. Either physically or emotionally, we are all subjected to the worldly harms of this universe. That is why we have to be sure to keep our spirits sound and healthy. As an Actress, I sometimes subjugate myself to cruel habits: sleepless nights, obscene diets, mental humiliation (at times) and all the while I have to make sure I have tough skin. You have to learn to focus.

How does one get to be focused? You have to keep in account the things that make you happy and know what you want. You cannot allow yourself to become distracted or unfocused just because the elements are not shifted to your liking. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing an artist be true to themselves and in their element.

Your mind and body both need to be set on “What’s Next?” status.

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