Tips for Balancing Your Artistic Duality #3

Tips for Balancing Your Artistic Duality
“Being a Part-Time Artist”

How hard is it for an artist to do what they love only half the time because they cannot afford to pursue their crafts full-time? Our hearts are yearning to be fully invested in our trades but literally our “pockets” cannot. I am talking about being a Part-Time Artist. KeepCalm42 [tips] 3How many hours during the week do you clock in and work on your craft? What, a few hours perfecting your skills in the studio or a day or two working with an acting coach? It is not nearly enough time but we revel in those minuscule moments. Why? Because Continue reading




How far is too far? Sometimes KeepCalm45when I am going after something I truly want, I find myself getting very apprehensive. Haven’t we all? It gets to a point that we have to identify what is “too much” versus am I just scared.

They older you get, the wiser you become. Right? However, Continue reading

Fix Your Face.

Fix Your Face.

Our facial expressions speak way before KeepCalm43our mouths. This is an easy fix: have bodily awareness. Nonverbal cues are real, people. Not only check yourself on them, but be cognizant of those around you. Read body language and gestures. Use your sense of awareness to gauge a situation prior to engaging. This is a very simple principle for anyone to follow. As artists, we are asked to project what we see through the medium in which we choose i.e. film, photography, music, dancing, etc.

As a performer, facial expressions are just as important to my element of performance as what comes out of my mouth. Connecting the two are what most actors seem to forget. You can be full of emotion verbally but physically you are a blank canvas or vice versa. To be honest, this very fact alone is why I think every actor, green (new) or not, should invest in their craft and take classes. You won’t know what your downfalls or areas of improvement are until you put them to the test. Get in front of an industry professional or on a simpler note: just take a look in the mirror.


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Tips for Balancing Your Artistic Duality #2

Tips for Balancing Your Artistic Duality
“Being a Creative”

So recently I discovered that I am now a part of a new “karass”. In a general sense, a karass is defined as “a network or group of people who are somehow affiliated or linked spiritually” (Vonnegut, 1998). Not trying to give you a dictionary lesson butKeepCalm42 [tips] 2 belonging to a specific group or type is not a bad thing. We all know that as artists, we benefit from working with one another. Nonetheless, I have identified a new group that I belong to: creatives. Now I have to be honest, I have never affiliated the word ‘creative’ with a proper noun but welcome to the 2010s!

We are creatives. I like that—there’s a nice ring to it! In my blog Labeled, I talk about being categorized and taking ownership in your individual qualities. So while searching around the “interweb”, I came across an article from Elite Daily titled Why Creatives Don’t Succeed In Traditional, 9-To-5 Work Environments. Two things that interested me right off the bat: 9-to-5 work environments and creatives.

While I am against the notion that creative people cannot succeed in a traditional workplace, I do like the fact that Continue reading