What does it mean to be honest? Fair? Open? Upfront? One thing that I adore about the arts is the open forum provided for self-expression. You can express yourself artistically through visualizations or even using words. There is a saying: if you cannot be honest with yourself then who else can you be honest with? No need to put on a façade: embrace who you truly are.

Sometimes we try and live life as one KeepCalm51thing or one way to fit in: go with the flow. Why? I am not saying to go rogue but literally why is there always a need to fit in? Normalcy is something deliberate and Life just happens. Be present. If there is something you do not like, then say it! If there is something that you agree with, then do it! Be upfront right then and there. If something does not sit well with you, then get up!

Don’t stay in a situation that compromises who you are as a person. Never do that; it will only lead to regret. Believe me, I know. It gets to a point that you start feeding yourself on false hopes and measures: “it will get better or it won’t always be this way.” While I believe that everything can go up, we sometimes need stronger discernment to know when it will not. Your gut or initial feelings may be incorrect, but the truth of the matter is that you went with yourself. There are consequences on both sides of this however and because of that you must consider those. It is not fair to only think of yourself, but never place yourself at 2nd place.

Take time and check in with yourself: if it calls for you to have a conversation with just you, do it! No, you are not “insane” for taking time to key in on your needs. I express this principle so much in this blog because it was that very notion that allowed me to even become a blogger. I calmed myself, looked around, and Continue reading


Tips for Balancing Your Artistic Duality

Tips for Balancing Your Artistic Duality #1
“Your Artistic Routine”KeepCalm42 [tips]

 While doing some research this week, I came across a fantastic read from the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). AIGA is the Professional Association for Design. This article “5 Reasons Your 9-to-5 Routine Is Killing Your Creativity” brought to the surface the stigmas surrounding working your daily job and trying to stay artistically abreast.

The biggest takeaway I found to be the most helpful was the practice of creating a routine. Creating a routine is an incredibly efficient way to maximize your creativity. YES–the term “routine” brings forth the anxiety of repetitiveness. In the general sense, there are many similarities; however, effectively developing a Mind+Body day-to-day check-in. For example, taking time to be alone and prepping for your mental journey.

Take time to plan out a schedule for yourself that equally distributes energy for your work hours and artistic practices.

CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE HERE: http://www.aiga.org/5-ways-your-9-to-5-routine-is-killing-creativity/


Artistically Yours,
Keep Calm and Create On



Ask yourself this: How many things have you sacrificed for the sake of others?
Or how many things have you sacrificed for your past? Truly think about it.

My past. Things that I thought KeepCalm16was let go of and then…something triggers them back to the surface. As an actor, some may argue that it is not a healthy approach to performing when one substitutes their own life experiences for character development. I am on the fence about that approach. Personally, I have used the technique introduced by Ivana Chubbuck of ‘substitution’.  Substitution is endowing the other actor in the scene with a person from your real life.

So nevertheless, this goes to the point of knowing about taking care of yourself. To others, they may not understand why you made the choices that you did or the sacrifices you made but as long as YOU know is what matters.  I always say Continue reading



It’s time for us to “drop the act” and just be ourselves.  I am tired of seeing people make excuses for themselves.  I find myself if I am dating someone or hanging out with some friends that I say the word “sorry” all of the time! Why?! Why should I apologize for just being me? Simple test: check yourself every time you say “sorry”. You will be so surprised how much we say it.

It is time to drop that mess. We need to start surrounding ourselves with the people who will be riding on our journeys with us. Not the fly bys or “leaves of the changing seasons”, Continue reading