What needs to be seen for you to believe in the strength of your abilities? I have spoken about facts versus faith before; however, this is about proof. Proof is the evidence of your works: the evidence that you are being led to create or that you are meant to inspire. Also, it is the confirmation that you are more than meets the eye. The proof is in the fact that you are given another day on this earth. Sometimes, we think that we have expired. Yet the truth is your heart and abilities are just as fresh and new as the day you were born.

keepcalm54Just because something is going sour in your life does not mean “the product” is not good. You are the product and the proof is in your actions. You cannot stay in environments that compromise your health. People scream all the time about “don’t blame me, I am a product of my environment!” However, we all know that there are products of good and bad quality. So I ask this of you: why not be a good product of your environment? Instead of using your street credibility or your upbringing for bad, try using it as knowledge and influence.

Inwardly, I had to shift my focus and thinking. I had to force myself into situations that, at first, was not necessarily comfortable or what I wanted but it was what I needed. Instantly revealed before my eyes was the evidence. The proof of my shift was shown to me through growth. I loosened away from people who were good for me in that moment but not for my life as a whole. I asked to be lead into a job that was for me and not just for a paycheck. I sought out a solution to why it felt like I was expiring. This is a personal testimony I wanted to share: sitting in your sorrows does not benefit anything or anyone.

Allow yourself to get fed up: frustrated and angry. Look around you and truly ask: does this make me happy? Am I growing or am I just being? I look to Ephesians 3:20 – now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we ask or think.

The proof is immeasurable. Speak into existence the change you want. Simple right? And it is. You have to believe in yourself first, Artists.

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© Keep Calm and Create On, Brittney Simone Harris

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