Do Not Judge Yourself by Your Cover.

Sounds simple, right? It is easy to reflect on the outside of ourselves: see all the wounds, years of stress and weight. Yet behind that beaten exterior is the soul of a person who KeepCalm53is pure and strong. We sometimes look outward because we are afraid to harness the strength and power that is within. Sometimes that power reveals a side of us that is fearless and mighty; sometimes our inner spirit contradicts the steely or even shy exterior that we have developed over the years.

You may have a look of a solider on the outside but deep down you are fragile and the beauty of that is: there is a balance. You should embody both. It is amazing how sometimes we feel that we need permission to do or feel certain things. Like society or perhaps your our perceptions place limitations on our skills and abilities. No one said you couldn’t do this or that but somehow you have managed to “cap” yourself. Why? Why do we do that? What is even more fascinating is when the universe pushes against the grain and shows you what you have been hiding from: your own potential. We are not limited to the constraints that the world holds us under: we are not just emotional creatures or selfish beings, we are human. We are capable of growth and discovery. Just because we get older does not mean we stop progressing.

As I do not encourage extraneous vanity, I honestly have my days that I just take a long look in the mirror. What is being seen of you in this world? What do you see of yourself? Most importantly, how do you feel about it? There is a saying: if you don’t like something about yourself, change it.

Try this: accept yourself and then adjust yourself, if necessary.

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