How much do you allow your mood to affect your progress? For years, I had a problem with allowing my energy to be drawn to the wrong point rather than focusing on what needed to be done. For example, I am one of the most passionate people you will probably ever meet.

I take pride and honor in everything I do, every person and thing in my life. To me, anything I put my mind to I go after it at 100%. ALWAYS! So what happens when you find yourself trying to be 100% committed to a relationship? A failing relationship and all you can do is focus on how to rekindle and make things right…but slowly you are losing sight of your own KeepCalm22prize. And to be honest, I was at a “neutral” high. Not natural, neutral. I was at a job that was flexible and rewarding, in a relationship I thought was CLEARLY heading towards marriage, friendships were solid… Continue reading