Food For Thought: Seat Fillers

Food for Thought: Seat Fillers.

Actions speak louder than words.  So even in silence and pain, hold your head up high. Let the tears fall but then wipe them away. I once read somewhere “if you have tears in your eyes, how can you see the stars”? review-logo

Vulnerability is a very sensitive and touchy subject to tap into nowadays. However, I want to open up this forum for us. Food for thought: Sometimes you have to look at where you came from and realize if this moment of turmoil and sadness matters in the whole span of it all? Does it matter? Do the people who hurt you matter? Does this one moment in your life matter? If yes, then you must recognize it as a building stone.

Think about seat fillers for award shows…stay with me here. They are placed in the theater to give the illusion of presence and fullness. Just like the purpose of a seat filler, there are people in our lives that are just there for “fluff”: their purpose is to cushion and comfort you in this particular moment or season. Yet, honestly you must be able to delineate their purpose. I am speaking on people rather than specific situations because as artists much of our creative progression and methods depends on the collaboration of others. By truly defining what the other is and their purpose can provide some peace in your life shifts.

No I am not saying to go and start eradicating people from your life but moreso be cognizant of others and their energy. Let this be a lesson: not all moments are meant to be a part of your lifespan. Some are just space fillers.

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