What People Are Saying…

What People Are Saying About Keep Calm and Create On!

To shed some lightness in the midst of the adversity and tension going on around us, I am very pleased to announce that Keep Calm and Create On is still buzzing strong and reaching more people than ever before! So thank you so much for your continued support! It means the world to me! As I have shared before, I started this blog because I was a low point in life in which, creatively, I was blocked.

I felt no matter what I did or said was ever enough. Like my voice as a woman, my voice as an artist, and my voice in general did not matter. However I believe we all have something to say and should be heard.  I wrote Keep Calm and Create On: Words of Encouragement from One Artist to the Next because I wanted to provide an alternative to the negativity surrounding me: all the industry rejections, fallen friendships, etc. As cheesy as it may sound, it was a like a light bulb went off. I was done being down and out; spiritually I turned to a higher purpose and power and began to rebuild myself. The passages in this book are like mini self-improvement activities to assist an individual in personal and artistic development.

Here is what one person had to say about Keep Calm and Create On:

It’s Refreshing, Teachingis thegreatest actof optimism.Encouraging, and Motivating! To me, the purpose of this book is to encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and become who you were destined to be. We all need that push and I feel like this book helps push my artistic side and not as an artist but as an individual.”

This is not about advertising but inspiring a generation of people who needs to find the inner strength to push forward and create on! Purchase and gift your copy today!



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